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Glen Eyre Halls of Residence

Glen Eyre is a large self-catered halls complex with over 2200 rooms split into several blocks. Though it is our largest site, each individual hall retains its own character and sense of community.

The halls here include our recently refurbished J-Block, Chamberlain Hall, Hartley Grove, South Hill, Richard Newitt Courts, New Terrace, Old Terrace, Brunei House, Main Building, Chancellors Courts and Beechmount.

Please note - As of the 2020/21 academic year Chancellors Court Non-Ensuite rooms have been recategorised from Category 2 to Category 3, the price of these rooms has been adjusted to reflect this change.

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Socialising in the common room
Socialising in the common room
Chamberlain common room
Chamberlain common room
The new Chamberlain Hall
The new Chamberlain Hall
An example of a shared kitchen
An example of a shared kitchen
Chancellors Court
Chancellors Court

Room types available in these halls

An example of an en suite category 2 room

En suite category 2

A single room with en suite facilities in the modern Chamberlain hall. These rooms feature larger beds and a premium finish

An example of a category 2 studio flat

Studio flat category 2

Self-contained studios that are in a more desirable location than our category 1 studio flats.


Accessible and adapted rooms

Glen Eyre has some accessible rooms for students with disabilities and medical requirements. If you may require adaptations please contact Enabling Services before submitting your application. Enabling Services work with us to ensure that you get a room that meets your needs.



Glen Eyre
Glen Eyre Road
SO16 3UF

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What's nearby

Distance to lectures:Grocery shopping:Distance to nightlife and entertainment:
 Highfield Campus - 0.6 miles  Co-op - 0.7 miles  Portswood - 1.5 miles
 Boldrewood Innovation Campus - 0.6 miles  Sainsburys Local - 0.8 miles  Bedford Place - 2.4 miles
 Avenue Campus - 1.2 miles  Tesco Express - 1 mile  City Centre - 2.8 miles
 Southampton General Hospital - 1.9 miles  Sainsburys (supermarket) - 1.5 miles  
 Waterfront Campus - 3.8 miles  Asda (supermarket) - 2.2 miles  
   Asda (city centre supermarket) - 2.8 miles  


Glen Eyre is served by the U2 (every 30 minutes), the U1 (every 10 minutes), the U6 (every 20 minutes), and the U9 (twice a day). You can get timetables and network route maps on the Unilink website.


Prices below are based on the standard 40 week contract for 2020/21.

CateringRoom typeNumber of roomsPrice per weekPrice per yearContract Length
Self-catered Non-Ensuite category 1 290 £115.99 £4,722.45  40 weeks
Self-catered Non-Ensuite category 2 154 £137.55 £5,600.25  40 weeks
Self-catered Non-Ensuite category 3 401 £152.67 £6,215.85  40 weeks
Self-catered Ensuite category 1 975 £168.07 £6,842.85  40 weeks
Self-catered Ensuite category 2 356 £181.44 £7,387.20  40 weeks
Self-catered Studio category 2 105 £213.22 £8,681.10  40 weeks
Self-catered Studio category 1 7 £203.07 £8,267.85  40 weeks
Self-catered 1 Bedroom flat (couples) 15 £223.16 £9,085.80  40 weeks
Download the full fees list


Glen Eyre is a large complex made up of lots of blocks so there are a wide variety of amenities on-site, including:


Glen Eyre has two Halls Committees that organise regular events and socials throughout the year. The committees are on-hand to help you settle in when you first arrive, and to answer any questions you may have. The socials that they organise during Freshers' Week are a great way to make new friends and get to know the city.

Chamberlain Halls Committee cater for students in Hartley Grove, South Hill and Chamberlain, where as the Glen Eyre Halls Committee covers Richard Newitt Courts, Chancellors Courts, Old Terrace, New Terrace, Brunei and Beachmount.

Saving you money on transport costs

We provide one Unilink bus pass per accommodation contract so that you can get to campus and around the city quickly and easily.

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